An island
full Of holes

An island
full Of holes

Andros, Bahamas

beautiful island port beautiful island port
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Andros – the largest island in The Bahamas. An island so vast and green, locals call it the Big Yard. There are pine trees and palms as far as the eye can see, and blue holes—magical vertical voids formed by water and limestone and thousands of years. There are more than 150 of them here, tucked inland and along the shore. They’re geological wonders, otherworldly to say the least,and there’s one that’s just rightfor an epic afternoon.

blue hole blue hole

When you see the tiny sign that says “blue hole,” you’re there. Just follow the winding trail until you reach a clearing, and you can’t miss Captain Bill’s. It’s a little bit like a playground, if playgrounds had swimming holes. A deck hangs over the water’s edge so, go ahead, jump right in. At Captain Bill’s, you can spend hours jumping in, swimming back up, only to jump in again. Pack a picnic because you’ll probably stay a while, especially if you want to explore the surrounding pine forest.

family riding bicicles family riding bicicles

The journey to Captain Bill's is half the fun.

people jumping people jumping

3, 2, 1, jump!

Post-Swim refuel Post-Swim refuel

Post-Swim refuel.

people taking pictures people taking pictures

Keep an eye out for the Bahamas swallow.

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Andros island - map
Andros island - map
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